Strategic supply chain management course

Strategic supply chain management applying supply chain strategies: making your supply chain a competitive advantage is an intermediate workshop designed for leaders facing the challenge of making supply chain relevant to overall business success. Course manager anshuman khare, phd course overview in today's business environment, managing the supply chain is an essential part of a company's corporate competitive strategy. Strategic supply chain management 2 question a in essence, the traditional goal in commercial businesses is to make profits and make money for the owners/ shareholders organizations in most cases will have a mission statement as well as a vision but with various goals and objectives. The supply chain management [program] gave me a wide vision on planning and strategic thinking with theories and models that can be easily adopted and implemented in our tower industry in brazil. In today's changing global marketplace, a supply chain management professional (scmp) needs to deliver innovative leadership, strategic thinking, and the most advanced purchasing and business skills to their organizations as canada's most sought-after academic achievement in supply chain.

Strategic management of supply chain can ensure you work with supportive suppliers in proper way this program can be integrated with any other program in the same category and for a 10 days course, client will get benefit of two days discount paying only for eight days. Strategic management use these strategic management tips to learn every aspect of your supply chain, from forecasting to scheduling and cost-cutting. The strategic supply management course is designed for professionals who want to gain a greater understanding of the scope, costs, metrics and processes associated with supply management and leverage that knowledge to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Find strategic supply chain management program details such as dates, duration, location and price with the economist executive education navigator this course will enable you to identify the current challenges facing supply chains and the issues within your own organisation. Be able to create a plan to achieve effective strategic supply chain management this unit is examination based and comprises of a pre-released case the case will be 12-15 pages long and based on a realistic organisation. Cpsm certification courses supply management supply chain management faq implementing strategic sourcing the course focuses on the 12 objectives supporting the 7 essential steps which consist on database, strategies, financial, sources, partnerships, inputs and.

Study supply chain management courses online at ohsc and learn about production processes, flows, and operational issues of logistics and supply chain they are required to possess flawless knowledge of every element within the supply chain, along with outstanding strategic-thinking skills. This course provides a broad overview of key supply chain strategies, issues and challenges successful supply chain management requires cross-functional integration of key business processes within the firm and across the network of firms that comprise the supply chain. This course provides supply chain management professionals with skills, strategies and techniques to avoid the pitfalls associated with poor contract management although supplier contracts have never been simple, today's transactions such as outsourcing contracts or strategic alliances have become.

Strategic supply chain management course

Scm - agile & reverse supply chains scm useful resources strategic sourcing can be defined as a collective and organized approach to supply chain management that defines the way information is gathered and used so that an organization can leverage its consolidated purchasing power to find. Strategic supply chain choices and application cases will be analyzed tools to analyze the impact of strategic choices will also be reviewed professionals looking for career enhancement in supply chain management may be interested in taking this course other courses in the series. 1- understand the principles & role of supply chain management in organizations 2- understand the supply chain model, structure, strategies, planning following represent only some of those targeted to attend this scm course: - anyone directly related to logistic functions and supply chain.

  • This course was previously called the graduate certificate in operations and supply chain management the graduate certificate in strategic supply chain management provides a solid introduction to business operations management for those wishing to gain some experience in this area.
  • Mba in supply chain management wwwmasterstudiesnet accounting for business decision making objectives the objective of this course is to information system strategic management objectives the focus of the course is the strategic management process components data collection methods.
  • Strategic supply chain management (7102iba) this course considers the challenges facing the managers of supply networks as they attempt to balance the need for efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, resilience, security and innovation.

Strategic supply chain management introduction enterprises are becoming increasingly global, with supply chains spanning geographical boundaries this session will discuss how to align supply chain strategy to business strategy, why achieving strategic fit is critical to a company's overall. A comprehensive study of the concepts, processes, and strategies used in the development and management of global supply chains topical coverage will include: supply chain metrics primary tradeoffs in making supply chain decisions tools for effective and efficient supply chain management. The course covers both tactical and strategic perspectives of scm, and is based on the supply chain operations in the real world quantitative models are introduced as needed. Part of a broader specialization on supply chain management, you will master the supplier selection process and supplier segmentation at the completion of this course you will have the tools and techniques to find the right vendors and maintain the right relationship with any one of your existing suppliers.

strategic supply chain management course The first module, supply chain management (sscm 301), must be taken before any other module sscm 308 course must be taken last it is suggested that modules be taken in sequence and workshops be completed in the academic year in which the corresponding course has been completed. strategic supply chain management course The first module, supply chain management (sscm 301), must be taken before any other module sscm 308 course must be taken last it is suggested that modules be taken in sequence and workshops be completed in the academic year in which the corresponding course has been completed.
Strategic supply chain management course
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